About Me

While I have had many titles in my life, none of them have meant more than being called a husband and father.  I have been a husband for more than nine years and a father just over three years.

After that, I enjoy titles like Children’s Pastor, entrepreneur, computer/technology guru, and business owner.  Currently, I am an aspiring full-time internet entrepreneur.  Why do I pursue such a foolish adventure?  To give me and my family the freedom to work ministering to kids full-time without the need for another income.

At this time, I earn an income from helping people find the products they are looking for on the internet as well as helping business make more money since 2005. Over the last eight years, I have become expert in all things Internet Marketing: WordPress Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, Google Paces, Landing Page Conversion, Call Tracking, Lead Generation, and Video Marketing.

Today, I utilize my skills and knowledge to help local and national businesses make more money with their online presence.

How I Help Businesses:
I help my clients get more online exposure, then track everything from click to conversion. It amazes me how many extremely successfully companies haven’t connected the dots. Once you can see the whole picture, you can rapidly cut out all the extra marketing dollars that are not working, and use them to fund the pieces that are working.

How I Help People:
I help people by living my life as much like my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  I consciously live a life centered around grace and mercy.  My only hope, in all I do, is that I leave a peace of God’s hope & love with every person that crosses my path.  If you are hurting or feel hopeless, I would love to help you too. Simply contact me.