Nine Months Old

It’s hard to believe another three months have passed!  She is growing SO fast, it’s hard to keep up!

To answer your main question right away, no…..she is not crawling yet….but she is VERY close.  She will get up on all fours and rock back and forth, but she hasn’t quite worked out the logistics of moving her hands and feet together.  We certainly aren’t rushing her into crawling either.  Candace and I struggle with the torment of watching her grow….and we already HATE it!  We are also a little nervous about the crawling deal too….if it changes things as much as her birth, we are in for it!  Everyone keeps saying it gets hard-er once they start crawling & walking on their own.  I don’t think Ihave a problem with that though….because it hasn’t been hard at all so far.

I do not say this to brag or because she is my daughter…..she is the perfect baby.  She hardly ever cries, she sleeps through the night, she smiles & laughs all the time, and she has yet to meet a stranger!  The hilarious part of that….she get it ALL from her mother!

Anyway….she’s not crawling just yet, but she’s close.  No teeth yet either, and she is the most fun kid to be around EVER.  I know that’s general, but I spend more time with her & Candace than anything else now.  I promise a GREAT update for her one year post….party pictures, videos, and the works.

Thank you for reading!

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