And Her Name Is…

Many of you have already heard, but I figured I would try to keep the blog updated….

After careful prayer and consideration, Candace and I chose the name:

Christina Joy Bendever

We chose this name based on its meaning.  According to, “Christina” means “Follower of Christ” and states the name “Christina” means “Annointed.”  Both are extremely important to us and something we already pray over our little lady.  I do have to admit, though, the name was not originally our idea.  Caroline Marshal (Pastor Buck & Rhea Marshall‘s daughter) told her parents we were having a little girl and her name was going to be Christina….and she did all this before we ever found out the sex of the baby.  Once we found out the meaning(s) of the name….we were hooked.

The middle name was my idea.  I love how Candace’s name flows with Joy as her middle name.  It has obvious meaning, and seems to have an accurate description of Candace….she is always full of joy and life….one of my favorite traits about her.  I think it accents her first and last names very and, and  am already praying it is an accurate description of her life. So if you read her name by the meanings, it will read:

Annointed, Follower of Christ Full of Joy Bendever

I LOVE it!!!! What do you guys think?

Show some love and leave comments below!  Thank you again for all you love, support, and prayers!

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