Six Months Later

I was doing regular maintenance on the site the other day when I saw it was over 180 days since my last post. When I looked back to see what the last post was, I saw it was the directions & other information I posted for Christina Joy’s baby shower. It’s hard to believe it has already been six months!

So….instead of writing a bunch of posts to try to catch you up, I will just give some highlights of what has happened over the last six months in this post.

She started off not wanting to sleep through the night, and was not afraid of showing any kind of displeasure when she didnt get her way. Gradually she learned the process for when bedtime was and how the feeding process worked….burping included. The most enjoyable times so far is the preparation for bedtime. I can’t explain in words how much I enjoy giving her a bath, getting her in her PJs, and feeding her the last bottle of her day….then letting her slowly drift to sleep laying on my chest.

Those that know me for any amount of time know how active I am and how I don’t sit still…..Candace & I always have something to do. However, Christina has changed all that….everything else (other than Candace) has taken a backseat. She is only this young once, and I can’t imagine placing a computer repair or stupid movie over the time of enjoying and bonding with my daughter.

After six months of being a Dad, I do know this: I wish I would have opened my heart to Candace more and allowed the marriage process to change me as much as being a father has in just six months. I was talking about this with a childhood friend the other day and she told me she understood what I meant by that. Her reply, “ Being in a relationship is hard work…it feels like being a parent is just something that doesn’t require as much effort emotionally…I love my children effortlessly.” She’s right! It’s so easy to love Christina without trying….and I am grateful for that; but I want to grow so close to Candace that I love her without trying. Amazingly enough, Christina isn’t six months old and she is already changing the paradigms of my life.

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