Ultrasound #1

Even though we are past the first trimester, I thought I would reflect on how it felt to see a life I helped create for the first time.

Candace (my wife) is an extremely talented dancer, choreographer, and singer….so it was no surprise that our little one was already dancing the very first time we were able to see him/her.  The whole process was so surreal.  Seeing a life in someone that helped me create it….there is no place I would have rather been at that moment and time.  I guess I did not show the excitement all that well either….Candace and her Mom both had to ask me if I was excited.  But how do you react?  I mean…..I can’t start screaming and yelling like I do watching a sporting event….we are in a doctor’s office….they would probably call the cops on me!

Anyway….I think the greatest part of it all is the fact we weren’t trying, and it happened on God’s timing.  We have been married over five years, and we were really in no hurry at all to have kids. Candace has some personal fitness goals she was trying to meet before we were going to “try” to have a child.

I don’t have the pictures from the ultrasound uploaded yet, but I hope to scan them in soon and share them with anyone who is interested.  I can’t express enough how excited and blessed we feel to have a little one we can truly call our own on the way!

Here are the best pictures we have from the first Ultrasound:

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