Ultrasound #2

I have to say, ultrasound #2 was far more exciting than the first.  I had a surreal feeling of seeing such a small life for the first time before, but now I was seeing definitive features of that little life.  Small arms, legs, and head….and they are a part of me & the love of my life!

Candace and the Little Bit are at 12 weeks at the time of Ultrasound #2, so it is too early to know if it is a boy or a girl.  We have talked about it, and we definitely want to find out what we are having….I was relieved when she agreed with me (because we all know I would have had to agree to what she wanted) to find out what we are having.  If you know me at all, you know I am a planner…..and I have some control issues.  I like to know things are in control and make sure they go according to plan.  I have a feeling that will go out the window with this whole kid on the way thing….

Anyway….I have been lazy and still do not have pictures up, but I will soon.  Thanks for reading!

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