Ultrasound #3

So we are just over 16 weeks and we had our third ultrasound this past Tuesday afternoon.  By now, the surreal feelingshave worn off a bit and I now grow more excited as each week passes.  We are constantly asked, “What do you want to have?”  The answers sound so coy, but they are the truth….Neither of us care if it is a he or she….we truthfully just want a healthy baby.  It seems like  such a general and generic answer, but it is truly heartfelt.  I know I won’t understand what a child will change until her/sheis here…..but I have determined having a girl scares me the most.  EVERYONE says she will melt my heart away….and I believe them….so being out-numbered two to one with to ladies that hold me powerless with their smiles will be quite the challenge….

I find myself, at random times, daydreaming about our little one.  I fall off into imagination picturing the little one at two years old coming up to my side as I work on the computer and beckoning for my attention….the innocent smile, gentle touch, and pure love….and I simply can’t wait.  I constantly pray that work/things are never more important than the gifts of family.  I want to be the kind of Dad that finds it a joy to be “interupted” for some time and attention.  So I suppose I have a lot of preparation and work to do….being selfless is harder this day and time than it ever has been.

Now, back to the ultrasound….We are at 18 weeks and for all intents and purposes we are supposed to be finding out the sex of the baby….but he/she had other plans.  The baby was in a breach position….so that made things a little more complicated to view.  The doc had to use a different angle.  Once hewas all set and investigating, we found the baby’s legs were crossed.  He tried hard, but we were not able to see anything definitive to tell us whether it will be a boy or girl.  He did say, though, he was leaning VERY heavily toward a girl….but we are supposed to find out for sure in three weeks.

Our next appointment will be at Fort Sanders hospital in Knoxville where they have a little more advanced equipment.  This equipment should allow us to get a definitive answer on the sex of the baby.  I had originally thought we agreed not to tell anyone what the doc said, but that went out the window the next day when Candace pointed out to all of facebook what the doc said to us.

He also encouraged us not to go out and buy anything yet (like baby clothes), because he wanted to be 100% sure….but she could resist shopping over the holiday weekend.  Candace has already purchased two little dresses….so I guess we all know what she wants to have!

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