Ultrasound #4

Well, Ultrasound #4 actually happened about six weeks ago….but I really havent had the chance to get this worked on until now.  So, I apologize for the delay.  I think you will see it is worth the wait!

This ultrasound was by far the most breath-taking.  I was absolutely amazed at the detail of what we saw….the equipment at the hospital was so much more advanced than that of the OBGYN’s office.  As I watched the nurse check bone organ sizes…..it was simply amazing to see the detail and the life!!!  At one point, the nurse change modes on the machine, and we could actually see the blood flowing on the screen….AWESOME.

I think the funnest part was the nurse making Candace move all around to try to get the baby to move into a position so we could find out the sex.  She had to lay on each side, on her back, and cough really hard…..which all happened in between the nurse prodding Candace’s stomach.  FINALLY, though, the nurse was able to get a still shot and she determined….

It’s a GIRL!!!

We are SO excited….and you all know Candace is just elated.  As I mentioned in the post for Ultrasound #3, she wants a girl and had already bought some dresses for her.  We have also decided on a name, but I am not sharing that until tomorrow….

We love you guys, and we want to sincerely thank you for all your love & support.   Here is the video….

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