New Purpose in 2011

I’ve had my blog since early 2009, but I have never been really serious about blogging.  Until today, I have mostly shared about my personal life to include interesting situations, professional & personal accomplishments, and random thoughts.

Obviously that has not kept me motivated enough to write on a regular basis, so I am mixing things up a little.  I have entered 2011 with a new resolve to change many things about my life.  While I am not a big fan of resolutions, I am a fan of new beginnings and enjoying the transition of seasons we all experience in life.  Until today I have been held back and reserved….but that ended when the ball dropped and the new year started.

From today on, my blog will serve several purposes including:

  • Family Life. I’ll share events & milestones in my life, Candace’s life, and our beloved Christina Joy’s life….I want to share more for the family and friends spread out across the globe to enjoy. Life has so much to celebrate, and I want the people who we love (and love us) to share in it with us as much as possible.
  • Rants & Venting – about frustrations with situations, government, and much more. you might think, “Why would he share that?” My answer is simple….other people will identify with me, and we’ll have the opportunity to overcome our flesh together.
  • Events throughout my journey into Internet Marketing. I have always hated sales because I have never had the luxury of peddling a product people actually want.  In a sense, affiliate marketing is sales….but in a completely unconventional way. Internet marketing is more about recognizing trends of what people are searching for online and offering them products (both tangible & intangible) to meet their needs.
  • Info about hobbies & projects. I’ve had the materials to light the inside of my Scion xB for almost two years….it’s time to get that project off my shoulders….and you can enjoy the process with me, if you dare!
  • Life in Ministry. Candace and I have transitioned from Children’s Ministry into Youth Ministry….which is both exciting and sad at the same time.  I previously mentioned the change of season life brings….this is a new and challenging one for us that is sure to share many lessons.
  • Photo Album & Videos. I am still looking for the right way to share all the photos we have, but rest assured….they are coming.  Videos will be shared from my YouTube channel as often as Candace allows me to post them.
  • Devotions. I have started 2011 with the intent to read the Bible through, from cover to cover, for the first time in my life. It’s on the bucket list, and I plan to complete it by the time the ball drops to close 2011 and welcome us to 2012.  Since I’m no Bible scholar (or Pastor Tom’s Mini-Me), I won’t be posting daily devotions; but I will post when something strikes me as new or inspiring during my readings.

So there you have it…. my plans for 2011 and beyond. If you choose to join me (and read along), I hope my journey inspires you to start one of you own that will enhance your own life & purpose.

About John Bendever, Jr.

I'm madly in love with one woman, father of two world changers, entrepreneur, internet marketing nerd, and most importantly...I am a son of the Most High God.

Thank you for taking time to read my blog, and I truly hope it inspires you to grow outside your fears to become who you are meant to live how you are meant to live.

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