Just Dance 2 – When I Grow Up

Another round with Candace and me.  She still hasn’t been able to beat me….and I am amazed at her number of excuses. However, I think i am going to have to let her win a dance every now & then….otherwise she won’t want to play anymore and the Wii will be a wasted gift. So […]

Just Dance 2

Playing Candace’s Wii on Christmas morning. The funny thing is, she is the choreographer & dancer…..but I haven’t lost to her yet.  We have played several times, and she can’t beat me!  She needs to figure out she doesn’t have to dance herder….just move her hand the right way….the game only reads the control you […]

Ultrasound #4

Well, Ultrasound #4 actually happened about six weeks ago….but I really havent had the chance to get this worked on until now.  So, I apologize for the delay.  I think you will see it is worth the wait! This ultrasound was by far the most breath-taking.  I was absolutely amazed at the detail of what […]

Ultrasound #3

So we are just over 16 weeks and we had our third ultrasound this past Tuesday afternoon.  By now, the surreal feelingshave worn off a bit and I now grow more excited as each week passes.  We are constantly asked, “What do you want to have?”  The answers sound so coy, but they are the […]

Ultrasound #1

Even though we are past the first trimester, I thought I would reflect on how it felt to see a life I helped create for the first time. Candace (my wife) is an extremely talented dancer, choreographer, and singer….so it was no surprise that our little one was already dancing the very first time we […]